Pediatric Home Health

Sanctuary Home Health treats every child and their family like we would our own. Our highest priority is addressing your child’s medical needs while also providing care and comfort. Our specially trained nursing and therapy team provide a wide range of skilled services to facilitate maximal health and wellness.  

What we offer

We know the task of obtaining an at-home pediatric healthcare provider can be daunting. You want someone who not only has kindness and compassion, but whose skills and knowledge is exceptional. And beyond that- you want someone who can create a trusting bond with your family.


Complications from prematurity


Developmental disorders


Childhood cancer


Serious injury recovery


Neurodegenerative disease


IV & bloodwork


Nutritional deficiencies


Respiratory conditions

What makes us different?

Our team of experienced professionals can help you reach your healthcare goals by working closely with you, your caregivers and physician to develop a personalized treatment plan.

The comfort of your home

Our goal is to reduce hospital re-admissions and keep you in the comfort of your own home when providing care.

Quality and Compassion

Our healthcare providers are hired based off more then just their skill set but their ability to connect with their patients.

Customized to your needs

We understand everyone‘s medical situation is different, so we make sure to customize your care plan to fit your individual needs.